PVC TGSI – Re-designed

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EigenTechnology proudly presents our Polyurethane-based Tactile Ground Surface Indicator (TGSI). Our product is innovative in design and effective in application, eliminating issues that current designs on the market face. You will notice that the edges criss-cross to form a jagged pattern. This effectively allows for even distribution in pressure and, more importantly, allows for air to travel up when the product is being impacted into the ground. Because air is allowed to escape, the installation process is a lot easier due less pressure being needed to drive the TGSI down.

Typical market TGSI designs will have 4-5 sets of fins which spiral down the tactile stem. The issue with this is that most of the fins will bend or break once impacted into the ground, which leads to non-flat or loose tactile installation.

EigenTechnology uses high quality colouring agents, polyurethane and manufacturing processes in the production of these TGSIs, which ensures that colour fade and breakage does not become a problem.

We have a range of colours to choose from such as Grey, Black, Orange, Cream, Yellow and Brown.

Documentation for this TGSI can be foundĀ here