Documentation for PolyTac TGSI can be found here



The TGSI industry has been awaiting a retro fitting product that does not crack or puncture easily when exposed to the elements; PolyTac® has arrived in a timely manner to address this critical issue. Its quick and easy installation process makes PolyTac® an attractive TGSI product for  outdoor applications and its physical properties give it more ductility and durability over its conventional counterparts.

With a 95% inorganic material component in its structure, PolyTac® is designed to be longer lasting under UV exposure when compared to pure organic TGSI products. When subject to substrate failures, PolyTac® does not present as a tripping hazard due to its easy-breakaway design. The combination of these characteristics makes PolyTac® an ideal product for Tactile installation at Pram Crossings, Street Crossings, and also on Outdoor Steps and Ramps.

PolyTac® has been approved by VicRoads and Melbourne City Council for use as a ground surface indicator for the vision impaired. Eigen’s® Ceramic TGSI range has also been approved by VicRoads.